Undefeated since 1960!!!!

Hi I'm Jason Lind; I have Junior standing at Marquette University High School class of 2002 and Junior standing at Marquette University in Electrical and Computer Engineering minoring in Political Science; class 2004.

The Complete Proof to Ideal Organization Theory

First of all let me start by saying that my interpretation of PvNP at this level of abstraction stems from a quote from a very respected AI Researcher that used to be highlighted on the PvNP page on Wikipedia. It basically goes: If P was truly NP than anyone who could appreciate an orchestra could compose on Mozart's level While it might sound absurd that anyone can be Mozart I have always been taught that my skills are not natural, it is a product of training and my commitment to it. Anyhow check out IOT
Even if this not P=NP proof complete, as I'm hoping it is, what you are about to read will change your reality beginning the second you your a done. Welcome Lind Innovation's Beta 1.0 release of the Universal Exchange : I can demonstrate that I have created an Artificially Intelligent marketplace in the next paragraph.

Please look at this screen grab=>http://imgur.com/a/dAQvG

The details of the story are actually a lot more complex than this but you will read them in later in this doc but are not important for demonstration. Teresa owns Lightwork Massage; I was her pro-bono web master paying for hosting and domain as well; we had a falling out and she wanted to use someone else and I said fine, have them contact me and we'll transfer the domain, this domain you are looking at today. Several months go by and I tell her I can't afford to renew her domain in September (I think this was may); I knew the card on file was bad and I figured I just let my registrar decline it until they won't anymore to give Teresa as much time as possible. In January her new web master asked for the domain, and I told her that I let it expire. Several years later while I was admining the other domain on the account that I had registered for a very long time I was shocked to see this domain still there; but didn't think much of it because honestly I wasn't very impressed with the registrar.

Today I noticed this. Someone gave me some kind of true cash credit line, in my own name, that I don't have access to. I know where Brookfield is of course, it's one of the more prominent suburbs of Milwaukee, but I have no concept of where that address is. The only explanation is that the password on that account is an open secret and someone who studied my work and probably interacted with, maybe even in person, did this. However the UI on the register's site is not only extraordinarily technically advanced but also poorly designed from a usability perspective; so there are truly very few people in the world I know in real life that are both my direct pupils and that technically inclined. I suspect its more likely I'm 3rd degree connection.

Quad Erat Demonstradam;


Email Chain Starting Yesterday to Demonstrate How to Transdimenionsally-Engineer

From: Jason Lind
Sent: Sunday, May 7, 2017 7:08 PM
To: External-Teresa Morden
Subject: FW: General Lind Hails The TRUE PM of Canada

My Queen,

Your vision of the future looks more certain to me than ever before. 

I will continue to serve you and only you regardless of whether you and your family ever reconnect with me. 

I know you are bartending in Mercer, you lic approval is public record. I will certainly, regardless of what happens the next few day, be in enough of a financial situation to get Lightworks going again including getting ur lic in good standing. No strings attached, including direct communication with you, now or ever. 

If you want to take me up on the offer have a third party you trust contact me and as soon as I am able we will make it happen.

Btw when I told ur new web master that I no longer owned lightworkmassage.com I wasn't lying: I couldn't pay for it and I assumed I lost it, but the registrar renewed anyhow and I only found out much later. As far as I know I still hold it, and have not paid for it. Whenever u want control just ask. 


 Jason Lind
 Sent from my Windows 10 phone

From: Jason Lind Sent: Sunday, May 7, 2017 6:29 PM To: Reece Sellin Subject: General Lind Hails The TRUE PM of Canada /me launches an antimatter bomb at Montreal Consider it a gift: French ruined language. Thanks, Jason Lind 414.788.2820 jason.lind@wwidew.net Sent from my Windows 10 phone
From: Jason Lind Sent: Sunday, May 7, 2017 6:13 PM To: potus@whitehouse.gov; Lydia Brimelow Subject: Active Military Coup Alert Mr. President; and I had my doubts but with all do respect, if you don't understand that fundamentally I have been and continue to lead a coup against the unconstitutional regime you represent than you truly are as stupid as the media portrays you. Lydia: Still think you are going to win our bet we made in June that if Trump got elected there would be a successful military coup within his first term? I know the true Generals are on my side. Thanks, Jason Lind 414.788.2820 jason.lind@wwidew.net Sent from my Windows 10 phone
From: Jason Lind Sent: Sunday, May 7, 2017 6:04 PM To: Daniel Merkel; musg.finance@mu.edu; Edwin.Yaz@marquette.edu Subject: RE: Game Time set 4:00PM tomorrow, Go Warriors Dr Yaz, long time and current Chair Of MU EECE: Was my decision to bankrupt MU-IEEE to found FIRST without even discussing it with you justified in the end? Thanks, Jason Lind 414.788.2820 jason.lind@wwidew.net Sent from my Windows 10 phone
From: Jason Lind Sent: Sunday, May 7, 2017 5:59 PM To: Daniel Merkel; musg.finance@mu.edu Subject: Game Time set 4:00PM tomorrow, Go Warriors EVPoF MU-SG 2017. This MU-ESC Treasurer 2001-2002, MU-IEEE President 2002 and Midwest-NAESC VPoF 2002-2003 Jason Lind. Bing me; you won't find me on Google easily however up until two months ago my LI profile was #2. Dan: Please provide, quickly, a write up of what you and I did in our ESC officer roles to Found and Develop (ALL you on that end of course) MU F.I.R.S.T. Robotics; which exists today and continues to thrive inspite of the fact the incredible stuff all of us were doing under your and your bother’s Presidentsies ESC has been defunct for many years and our institutional contributions to make the new Engineering Building possible forgotten and credited to Staff like Jensen who let ESC die. I might be totally insane and living in a different reality, my diagnosis is atypical bipolar type 1 with severe manic episodes; but the war has barley started and my defeats pale in comparison to my victories. Ad Majoriem Dei Gloriam Thanks, Jason Lind 414.788.2820 jason.lind@wwidew.net Sent from my Windows 10 phone
From: Jason Lind Sent: Sunday, May 7, 2017 3:48 PM To: info@muhs.edu Subject: And there was evening and there was morning, a third day Good evening, the day that began when dropped my business card on Dr. Kostenko’s desk during homeroom and simply said that it was time for an MUHS Field day is now entering its fourth and last publicly defined and completely coherent 7 day plan to conqueror all of reality itself in the Jesuit philosophy. I expect each day to take significantly and significantly longer in real time. However day 4 is simply amazing, as I already knew before hand. The Milwaukee Private Library document was written late November 9th, 2011? 2012? And my interaction with Dr. Kostenko was wed homeroom that day. Day 4 ends November 13th, 2017. I’m staying in the Mission tonight and am more or less out of cash although I do have a job interview for $120/hr on Wed and I have a historic 97% acceptance rate on interviews. Also the Trophy is with the Mayor as confirmed by the Historical Society. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” -Eleanor Roosevelt is simply an advanced translation of “vini, vidi, vici” -Gauis Julius Caesar I hope to make a visit litterly tomorrow. Thanks, Jason Lind 414.788.2820 jason.lind@wwidew.net Sent from my Windows 10 phone
From: Jason Lind Sent: Saturday, May 6, 2017 10:22 AM To: kristin.hertko@gmail.com; Bob Weiss; External-Jack Driscoll; Todd Huynh Cc: Andrew Gomes Subject: I almost exist in a world without money; I'm going to try to prove it today; Importance: High Right now I am in the Pfister's secure business center. The only money I have spent there today is for a Quad Venti Carmel Macchiato for $8, a drink I believe I invented in 2001 at Marquette University's Starbucks, at the very least I was never suggested to order it I just read their menu and with my Latin background I understood enough Italian to say a drink that was not on the menu but I knew they would be able to make. I simply introduced myself to the manager as a non-registered guest who had done business with the restaurants and bars in his hotel over the years and requested access to the Business Center, which I am certain is by Marcus policy strictly for registered guests; and because I'm wearing a $1000 suit and knew all the lingo he granted me access. So I now have a relatively private room to conduct business from for the day before the public lab rooms at MPL or MU (which I also have unfettered access) even open. It is possible he even knew exactly who I was, without either of us mentioning my name, as most Pfister employees stay with the hotel virtually their entire career once joining, and I used to be involved in some wild activity at Blu back in the day and almost always stop in for a long visit at the lobby bar when I'm in town. Regardless I study ever organization I interact with, no matter how inconsequential, and perform direct or indirect pro-bono management consulting to build a relationship that transcends a traditional customer. And when I am ready I create landmarks in time-space-thought itself that I can manipulate when the right state presents itself; and given infinite states and infinite time that will inevitably happen at some point. Creating a landmark can be very hazardous to my short-term health, for one in order to create a truly useable landmark you must create several in short order with careful planning and execution so that if/when the doctors get involved and pull you out of the game your effort in building the position was not for nothing. Several because the end game must be true overwhelming force to make apparent to all reality is not at all what you think it is and therefore multiple cross confirmed positional moves over a very short period of time relating back to prior landmarks in such a way there is a new view on the actions originally witnessed. There is challenge in optimizing the execution of game play in real time at the critical point; however it is trivial compared to trans-temporal, n-dimensional formulation of the landmarks in the first place; and the force needed to create a landmark is not needed to reference a landmark and attempting to play a landmark, unless a serious miscalculation is made the likes of have never happened by me, is a no-lose situation: either the relevant parties get the reference made softly or they don't and its just a flat joke. No reason to call the doctors in. So let me explain the position I created. In many places I defined June 27th, 2016 as the Victory over Time and Space. In cyberwarfare terms it was the day we are (not are) to begin our invasion of Wikipedia which was heavily advertised by DoubleStar Elite, the predecessor to Fringe Science in the run up to that date; and then never talked about again publically until this Monday when we post our formal proposal (read deceleration of war to those in the know) in its real-time form found here: http://wiki.fscience.net/wiki/Wikipedia_Transformation_Project. The original version, which may or may not be reflective in this document by the time you read it, was posted as a Wikipedia proposal and immediately marked closed for "Dead in the water" after intensive discussions between a senior representative of Wikipedia, myself, and several of my Generals we were advised that pitching it as a subproject of Wikipedia through a WikiMedia proposal (and the concept of subproject currently doesn't exist) that we could potentially gain better discussion if not outcome. I have given the order to attempt to have this proposal in place by 4:00PM CST on this Monday. June 27th was not a random date: first it was two weeks after I returned from my final positioning in Milwaukee and Chicago and potentially if things went just right it could have been the date in my time table and actual history. "You have your timelines, I have mine" ~-Patton. In fact this was the time marker I had ever stamped a year on because (1) I was very optimistic my team could pull through, challenge Wikipedia and begin to alter reality and (2) in the likely event that didn't happen this would be the perfect move to express some of my concepts in temporal positioning/scheduling, that I won't even begin to detail here, since I was confident within 2 years and closer to 1 we'd be able to make the most visible and important landmark I've ever built real to people beyond the inside. Attached is a photo of a trophy. I had it commissioned for $45 on short notice by the most respected trophy house in Milwaukee on the condition that a Lind Innovation business card would be placed face down in their outside facing display case reserved for major accomplishments. I have not checked if it is there, but I am confident I can get it installed in time for play to continue as expected once the match begins Monday at 5:00PM. The last three days I spent on the north side of Old World 3rd in Milwaukee go like this: Saturday: ordered Trophy, Tuesday pickup. Johnny V and I met for the first time in years, and he was hesitant because I was calling Bill LaMacchia Q and Johnny Admiral Riker over text for several months. Also was desperately trying to get Bill to give me a chance to prove my Transformation Engineering skills and I went a bit to far over the curve on the timeline. I actually suggested we try to make MarkUnited happen in 5 years. Johnny I don't really think bought that I was well, however he's been extremely sketchy around me since the Posner project fell apart. Note there are no years on the attached PDF. I honestly can't remember when it happened and I might not even be able to look it up because I purged my lind-i (now wwidew) email account in 2011 after Nash emailed me. I forwarded it to Jack and only Jack and he is the only one who has a copy of that email from me, the only person I know that has also read it is Alex. If Johnny V were to get back on board, because the only reason it totally collapsed is when he had his lawyers mail me a demand to remove him from that proposal, we could start quietly organizing the MU and MUHS resources and execute the plan as is on the exact same date listed on the flyer only in 2017 instead of 2012 or whatever it was. It was a training mission for my staff. Jack, Teresa and Amanda showed; albeit too late to make anything happen; if we would have had a "fundraiser" with say 5 people, which would have happened if they had showed up on-time, when we ran this for real those 5 people would be in monumental awe of the strategy and planning behind this. Now of course the Posner building has been developed into cheap apartments, but maybe that's just temporary. Sunday: bust, $3k check in pocket I can't cash to Monday. Go to every establishment on Old World 3rd Street to try and establish a credit line, all fail. Eat shit food at my hotel. Although it turns out my debit card had something on it because I ended up at the Intercontinental where a major wedding was taking place and I was able to get a cheese plate. I'm of course in my USAF issued Trench Coat and dressed business formalish as is my iconic trademark. There I saw some high end private security and just to have some fun I introduced myself as General Lind (also in a temporary play my LinkedIn position had me listed as Commanding General of NATO Cybercommand reporting to General William T Lord (a 2nd degree connection of mine who has 28 connections) at UN Cybercommand. Interestingly this private security officer played along and claimed to be Secret Service and informed me the President would be arriving soon; and I didn't even blink and said "Tell him I'm doing the best I can" and he says "Sure thing" and I walk on. Interesting even though I made an incredibly fake position that could look real on LinkedIn with three Ret. Generals among my 350 or so connections I didn't lose a single one and I know they all saw it along with people at NATO (since I actually used the strong-link to the NATO LinkedIn Organization). So was that position real, imaginary or just plane fake? Is it possible that for the month of June I actually WAS the Commanding General of NATO Cybercommand with William T Lord playing at the UN Level and when I chickened out and took it down I slowed down the process I had set in motion? I don't let questions like that keep me up anymore, there's simply no way to get a straight answer from anyone who can provide one when it comes to what impact I'm having. Because either they don't understand or don't think they can tell, I know enough of my impact is real to justify the sometimes brutal short term consequences of my decisions. But I digress: Monday: Cash Check! I demonstrate what real capital is. I go to the Cheese Mart, buy a block of their oldest cheddar for $60 and tell them to distribute it to their customers in the bar curtsy of me. I go to the German Brat house and order a round of dead nazi's for the bar, only the don't have jaegermeister or goldschlager because those aren't German enough for them do they substitute really high end alternatives and I call it a True Dead Nazi. An African American, dressed very nicely (his demeanor really suggested professional athlete) was just blown away and eventually as the shots were out asked what we were toasting to and I shouted "TO THE FIFTH REICH!" and he was of course appalled but I explained to him while the THIRD was racist and FOURTH is even worse in many ways the FIFTH will be TRUE: The Federation. He asked where I was heading when I was leaving and I told him I'd be at Shaker's eventually, pop in. But he never came :( Tuesday: Pick up Trophy. Show it around to all the establishments explaining its a gift to the Mayor for our inevitable victory. Walked into the Milwaukee Historical Society, walked up to the front desk and said this is for the Mayor, please deliver it to him. She started saying something about we don't run errands for the mayor... I just walked out and walked to City Hall and into the Mayor's office and told his clerk that The Milwaukee Historical Society has your victory trophy, to which she said "Well we should probably do something about that". So Monday I will track down the Trophy, assuming it hasn't been lost or destroyed I will show the Mayor our proposal on WikiMedia along with this email and hopefully that will be enough to get a photo of him and me with the trophy and temporary custody of it, or even better a walk around with him. Milwaukee: Architects of the Future since 1846 => Who enabled Chicago to rebuild after the fire? 212 312 414 <== AND YES We Drink More In the 414. The P4D document was written on Jack's computer while I was traveling, Amanda (Crosley being her son even though I didn't use his actual last name) threatened to resign if I didn't remove it. Very few people know about it. For a short time it was David Jao, PhD, P4D and Jason Lind, P4D on the Lind-I Executives directory. Galois did not object given the opportunity. Within the last two years he expressed complete dissatisfaction with the direction of the company but did not respond to multiple requests asking if he wanted his name off the letterhead. The Chess Board was signed at the Sinqufield Cup in 2015 by 8 of the top 10 GM's in the world at the time. I made it very clear they were to sign on their favorite square. That is the solution to the spatial relationships between the squares in an opening position with me surrounded by 4 GM's. Or it just looks cool, at that level of abstraction I literally have no idea what is real and what is not, although playing around with it helps me get outside the box some more in a healthy way. Lastly: THAT IS A TARDIS!!!!!!!!!!! (lol?) Thanks, Jason Lind jason.lind@wwidew.net 414.788.2820

PS I AM HOMLESS AND BROKE AND NO WHERE TO STAY TONIGHT, IT IS 10:46 PM on 7 Nov 2017 writing from the New Library at Marquette University. I can make it on the street, but after all I've done do I really fucking have to struggle for at least 15 more hours simply because I had to change the entire fucking game so that P would equal NP; and to do that I had to exist in a reality that is beyond your current comprehension. Btw I'm writing this in pastebin, I'm going to run it through runtime like dotnetfiddle but for HTML but considering that I his esc and wiped out 25/30min of work when I was behind schedule and had to resort to ##windows support because I'm so hungry tired and thirsty that I forgot I had Cortana and my bing results didn't immediately answer my question of "what is the keyboard shortcut for undo in windows" which I rarely use so I don't always remember off the top of my head. It is now 10:53=>This is like 20% capacity for me. You gotta understanding I engineering in real time right now under horrible conditions, I am designing, prepping refactoring and polishing the best I can simultaneously. I truly don't even no the letter I'm going to write before I do it. If someone wants to help me out some how, you know my number. Thank you. Good luck. Holy fucking shit! I WAS FUCKING RIGHT. Teresa, my love..you are clearly no longer Brandon's love--WILL YOU PLEASE FUCKING FORGIVE ME FOR TEMPORALY DESTORYING YOUR LIFE. You truly have to know by now I was more right than you were, Brandon was going to fucking kill you or Eureka, or Samson: and probably literally. Take me up on my offer and we can start all over again like when we first laid eyes on eachother in front of the Times in 1998 and then together lead the Mystery Science 3000ing of a stupid movie. It is 11:00; jlind0.livejournal.com see How a Student of Tesla Talks the Woman of his Dreams.